The injured brothers reunited
The injured brothers reunited Hadassah Ein Kerem

At the Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital in Jerusalem, 19-year-old Elazar, who was hit in the shoulder by a gunshot in the attack that happened last night near the Western Wall, has been hospitalized since last night.

Dr. Assaf Kedar, director of the trauma unit at the hospital, reports that his injuries are mild. He was diagnosed with a fractured shoulder and will be left for treatment in the next day. Elazar has five siblings, with one of whom he was at the bus station last night when the shooting attack began.

Yair, the brother of the two, said, "My two brothers were together last night, waiting for the bus at Maale HaShalom. 19-year-old Elazar helped a woman get on the bus and my 16.5-year-old brother Dovi was still at the station when the shooting started. Both were hit in the shoulder and were evacuated from there by the MDA. Elazar was hospitalized here in Hadassah Mount Scopus and Dovi in Shaare Zedek."

"When the incident happened, Dovi called and told us that both of them had been hit by a bullet and that he was conscious and that he was quite fine. This reassured us. He even managed to say that Elazar - who is hospitalized here in Hadassah - is helping to treat the wounded in the field, because he is an MDA ambulance crew member. We were shocked and left Immediately to the hospitals where they were hospitalized. We are happy to be reunited."

"The orthopedists at Hadassah Hospital said that we had a stroke of luck with regard to the injury's location. It is a real miracle because if the bullet had hit a few centimeters deeper, he would not be alive. What happened is a great miracle, because five minutes earlier a bus full of people passed by the station, there were dozens, and then my brothers' bus arrived, which was far emptier. This is the bus that was hit, and for that reason, thank God, there were minimal injuries."

The brothers, accompanied by their parents, met and hugged excitedly and proceeded to show each other the injuries on their shoulders.

The terrorist who carried out the attack in two arenas near the Old City of Jerusalem, Amir Sidavi (26), turned himself in to the police this morning (Sunday). Eight people were injured in the shooting attack, two of them seriously.

The terrorist, a resident of eastern Jerusalem, arrived by taxi at the Moriah police station in the capital with the gun he used to carry out the attack after hours of hiding. The terrorist arrived at the Moriah station at 07:38, left the gun he used in the attack along with a knife in the taxi - and went in to turn himself in.

On the security cameras, the officers recognized that this was the terrorist they had been pursuing, and he was immediately arrested.

The attack took place at two separate locations last night. First, on Maale HaShalom Street in the Old City, the terrorist shot at an Egged bus while the driver was helping a disabled woman get on the bus using an elevator. Two men in their 30s who were riding the bus were moderately injured. At the second scene, on Ma'ale Shazach Street, at the entrance to the parking lot of the Tomb of King David, six people were injured, including four members of one family. A pregnant woman in her 30s was seriously injured in the shooting on Ma'ale Shazach Street, and tonight she underwent an emergency delivery at the hospital Shaare Zedek. The baby's condition is serious but stable.

Four of the other wounded at the same scene are members of one family of Satmar Hasidim from the USA. They arrived at the event that took place near David's Tomb, and while they were waiting for a taxi at the local bus station, they were shot by the terrorist. The father of the family was seriously wounded by a shot to the neck and head. He is sedated and on a respirator in Shaare Zedek, and is considered to be in mortal danger. His daughter is hospitalized with mild injuries. The mother of the family was moderately injured and is with her son in Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital.