Brian Robinson
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The Democratic Party has been moving more and more Leftward. One new and shining light who is beginning to change that is Brian Robinson who is running for Congress in the most hotly contested Primary of them all scheduled for August 23rd in New York’s 10th Congressional District. It comprises Lower Manhattan, brownstone Brooklyn, Sunset Park and parts of Boro Park.

There are 12 candidates on the ballot. Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped out. Others still in include Rep. Mondaire Jones, former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman, Assemblywoman Anne Simon, attorney Dan Goldman and Councilwoman Carlina Rivera.

The Primary battle has been raised to the International level when leading candidate Taiwanese American Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou expressed support for the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Movement against the State of Israel. She described in an email, “I believe in the Right to protest as a fundamental tenet of Western Democracy so I do support BDS.”

Brian Robinson who describes himself as a Moderate Democrat came to the rescue.

He blasted Yuh-Line Niou for her Anti-Semitic stance. He told me that “BDS delegitimizes Israel’s Right to exist.” “It is rhetoric out of the progressive caucus.” He further said, “It is so Anti-Semitic, so irresponsible, and so hateful.”

The Anti Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt came out to show support for Brian Robinson. The Jewish Press recently endorsed Brian Robinson.

Robinson went on further to say, “if you are Anti-Israel you are Anti-Semitic”

Although not Orthodox he considers himself “ a proud Jew”.

He told me, “the Jewish People have accomplished so much. The percentage of Jews who have won Nobel Prizes is monumental. Einstein is my hero.”

Robinson wrote a book about his life with ADHD entitled, “Adderall Blues”. He is a true and indefatigable advocate for Mental Health.

He earned his B.A. from Tulane University in Political Philosophy. His father is an ophthalmologist. His Great-Grandparents came to America from Lithuania/Ukraine and Austria Hungary. His Grandfather's were both American Veterans. One served in WWII and the other in the Korean War.

He ran a consumer advocacy small business called Churchill Credit Solutions helping small businesses and consumers with debt relief.

He has a four year old daughter who he is deeply concerned about her education and safety.

He is a great friend of Israel. He says Israel is a place of safety and security for the Jewish People. “We have always been a minority in a plurality these past 2000 years.” Israel provides protection from persecution and Anti-Semitism. “I see Israel as a Democracy in an area lacking Democracy.” “As Jews we must always speak up.” “We must change the tone and the outlook.” “The other side of the aisle is important too.”

Brian Robinson sees a path to victory. If the Orthodox community in Boro Park comes out for him he believes he can win. The crowded field only helps him since he clearly stands out from the rest. His appeal is broad. If he garners more than 20% of the vote then he believes that will put him over the top.

The Democratic Party has a real rising star to be proud of in Brian Robinson.