Aviv Kochavi
Aviv KochaviIDF Spokesperson's Unit

IDF Chief of Staff, Major General Aviv Kochavi, spoke on Wednesday evening at a conference in the city of Ariel, and delivered a message to the residents in Judea and Samaria in which he stressed that the IDF is aware of the rock-throwing terror on the roads and is working to eradicate it.

Kochavi said, "I would also like to thank the residents of the area. I know that life here often poses difficult challenges. I know that there are many, many incidents of terrorism, starting with rock throwing incidents that sometimes you think we are not aware of them, so we are very aware. A rock can be just as deadly and murderous as a bullet."

"I greatly appreciate the participation and the peace and resilience you give us throughout this entire process and we will stay here until we see the last of the attacks," the Chief of Staff promised.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Arabs reported on Wednesday that the military court in the Ofer camp will discuss on Thursday the issue of continuing the administrative detention of Khalil Awawada, a terrorist who has been on hunger strike for 149 days.

The Islamic Jihad organization claims that, as part of the ceasefire agreement reached earlier this week, Israel agreed to discuss the release of Awawada as well as Sheikh Bassam al-Saadi, the organization's leader in Samaria. Saadi's detention is supposed to conclude this week and it is not known if it will be extended for another period.