Israeli officials are not impressed by the reported optimism of European negotiators in the talks to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and believe the chances of the deal's revival are very low, Ynet reported.

"There was a momentary optimistic spirit, but it quickly became clear that this was artificial optimism aimed at pressuring the Iranians in the direction of a decision, in the hope that they would accept the text as they presented it," the officials told Ynet.

They added: "Essentially there is no change, it is a platform whose purpose is to allow a return to the agreement, but there is no strategic change on the part of the Iranians: they are not interested in accepting this agreement and will find it very difficult to return to an agreement that does not improve on the original conditions."

On Monday, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said that the Eu had submitted its "final draft" of a proposed revived nuclear agreement.

"What can be negotiated has been negotiated, and it's now in a final text. However, behind every technical issue and every paragraph lies a political decision that needs to be taken in the capitals," Borrell tweeted.

"If these answers are positive, then we can sign this deal," he added.

EU officials said that there could be no more revisions to the draft they submitted.