In an address in honor of the Muslim holiday of Ashura, Hezbollah secretary-general, Hasan Nasrallah threatened Israel and sent a message to fellow Arab nations.

the Hezbollah leader addressed the IDF's recent operation in Gaza, Operation Breaking Dawn, addressing fellow Arab nations, specifically those with ties to Israel: "Palestine is a major issue, we do not expect compassion or justice from the Americans or the tyrants (referring to Israel), but we turn to those who call themselves Arabs: where are they when Arab blood is spilled in the West Bank, in Jerusalem, and Gaza".

Earlier in the address, Nasrallah referred to the indirect talks between Lebanon and Israel over the maritime border between the two nations: "we are waiting to hear the answers to the Lebanese state's requests, but I'm telling you during this Ashura holiday that we are ready for every option".

The terror group's leader stated that over the past few days, he has heard multiple statements and threats directed at Lebanon. "You (Israel) are testing us, don't make mistakes with Lebanon, and don't make mistakes with the Lebanese people, any attack against any person in Lebanon will not be left unpunished and unanswered".

Nasrallah called on all of Lebanon, especially those who are involved in resistance and combat, to be ready for every possibility. "I say to the Americans and the Israelis: Lebanon and her people cannot allow the looting of her resources. We have reached the last stop, we will go all the way, so do not test or threaten us" the leader threatened.

"In Lebanon, we make our own decisions. For 40 years, we as a nation have faced a siege, wars, and assassinations. We will continue to aspire to bring a promising future to the Lebanese people, a strong and free Lebanon, that can defend her sovereignty, her honor, and her ability to utilize her natural resources. We strive for a Lebanon that can prevent any hand from getting close to her natural resources, just as she cut off any hand that tried to approach her land, villages, and cities".

In an interview with Israel Hayom, a Military source said that the preemptive action against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad was meant to send a message to all of the groups in the area, including Hezbollah.