HomeshPhoto: Yaron Bluestein/TPS

The State will submit its position regarding the Samaria community of Homesh tomorrow. Atiya Dimentman, the widow of Yehuda Dimentman, the student of the Homesh yeshiva who was murdered in a terrorist shooting attack near Homesh in December, appealed to Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar to prevent the community from being destroyed again.

Last year, the State told the Supreme Court that Homesh must be evacuated under the Disengagement Law and that enforcement actions would continue. The panel of judges headed by President Esther Hayut, determined that the State must submit another update notice by tomorrow and the court will determine the status of the petition to save Homesh in light of the State's position.

This is the first response on the Homesh issue that the state will submit during the term of Prime Minister Yair Lapid. It should be noted that the practice during transitional governments is to avoid sensitive decisions with broad consequences and to postpone them after the establishment of the next government.

In her letter, Yehuda Dimantman's widow reminds Sa'ar of the fact that it is close to the 17th anniversary the expulsion from Gush Katif and northern Samaria, and she also reminded the minister of his own words after her husband's murder, in which he supported the regulation of Homesh, and also called for there to be no reward for terrorism.

"This week, 17 years ago, the State of Israel evicted from their homes people who gave their lives to defend it on the front line in Gush Katif and northern Samaria. Even people who were killed in self-sacrifice for the people of Israel were removed from their graves to give a prize to their murderers.

According to Dimantman, "In the coming days the state should give its answer to the Supreme Court regarding the future of the Homesh settlement. My husband Yehuda Dimantman was murdered 8 months ago in Homesh, on the front line of the State of Israel. He didn't go there for himself. He went there for the entire people of Israel. For his brothers in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. We all know that Northern Samaria is of enormous importance to the security of The people of Israel, and only in our hands - and to a large extent in your hands - rests the opportunity to settle it. We must do so with courage, determination, and true Jewish pride."

She told Sa'ar: "I saw that you spoke well about Homesh, so with your permission I will simply quote your true words: "There is an extreme terrorist organization here that committed a murder, and if they evacuate the yeshiva, that could be interpreted as an 'achievement' for that terrorist organization. Do I think it should be ignored? No. I am in favor of legalizing the place." My pain and longing only grow day by day and the true and complete comfort for me and for all the people of Israel will be in the building of the land. Be strong and courageous,"