Mansour Abbas
Mansour AbbasTomer Neuberg/Flash90

MK Mansour Abbas, chairman of the Ra’am Party and head of the political wing of the southern faction of the Islamic movement, on Sunday described the IDF's actions in the Gaza Strip against the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization as "aggression".

Speaking to Nasradio, Abbas was asked about Ra’am’s position on the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip and replied, "Ra’am’s position is clear as day regarding any aggression against our people (the Palestinians) and against its people in the (West) Bank, in Gaza, Al-Quds (Jerusalem)".

Abbas stressed in this matter, "We are the only party that, in addition to its political position and political work, works in a practical way in support of the Palestinian people."

The Ra’am chairman said that the Arab members of the Knesset have no ability to influence the decision-making in Israel on matters of war and that, in any case, the coalition no longer exists. "The stage we are in today is that there is no coalition, and therefore you have no tools to influence within the coalition," Abbas said.

He added, "We always serve our Palestinian people in whatever position we are holding, according to the situation, and this was implemented in the past year."

"Ra’a’m's Knesset members, wherever they were, served the interest of their Palestinian people and their Palestinian Arab society, the residents of the State of Israel," stated Abbas.