Attack in Gaza
Attack in GazaMajdi Fathi/TPS

A copy of the "statement regarding the ceasefire" between Israel and the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, which was reached through Egyptian mediation, was published on Palestinian Arab Telegram channels on Sunday night.

"As part of Egypt's efforts to bring an end to the current state of tension in the Gaza Strip, Egypt has increased its contacts with all parties in order to contain the current escalation," the statement said.

The message continued, "In these contacts, Egypt calls for a comprehensive and mutual ceasefire starting at 11:30 p.m. on August 7, 2022, and Egypt will invest efforts and will be committed to bring about the release of Khalil al-Awawada and transfer him to (medical) treatment, as well as to work for the release of the prisoner Bassam al-Saadi as soon as possible."

Khalil al-Awawada is a terrorist prisoner who has been on a lengthy hunger strike for a long time, and Bassam al-Saadi is the leader of the Islamic Jihad in Samaria whose arrest led to the latest security escalation.

The Islamic Jihad organization announced that it agrees to the ceasefire but reserves the option of responding to any "Israeli aggression".