Off-road anti-terror response vehicle
Off-road anti-terror response vehicleSpokesperson

It all started five years ago when a group of forward thinking IDF reservists noticed a troubling pattern taking root at IsraeI's border towns. There was an alarming spike in covert terror infiltrations remote locations along the border. Israel sophisticated perimeter monitoring system did its job perfectly; the intrusions were detected immediately, and the army response teams were dispatched quickly to the scene.

This is where the challenge began. Terrorists began to exploit limitations of traditional response vehicles by breaking in at remote areas where the terrain was a virtual obstacle course to standard jeeps and cars. This allowed the terrorists to slip into Israel, sometimes to smuggle arms and other times to commit heinous attacks.

Today, YATAR operates highly trained off-road terror response units along the southern borders with Gaza and Egypt, along with other units deployed in the central parts of Israel and along the northern borders. YATAR works hand-in-hand with the IDF, the Border Patrol and Israel Police to identify and respond to incidents across the country. Each unit is equipped with the requisite security equipment and is manned by current and former soldiers and reservists.

How effective is YATAR? In one of the newest permanent installations in Yehuda/Shomron (Judea/Samaria) the unit successfully repulsed more than 12 infiltrations in the first two weeks. Furthermore, the demand for the specialized units has grown dramatically since the security forces have seen how effective they are.

Since before the latest round of attacks from Gaza began, YATAR volunteers were notified of the impending spike in terror and deployed to the southern borders to be ready and in place. YATAR teams operate 14 off-road anti-terror response vehicles. These vehicles allow the YATAR anti-terror teams to get to terrorists, rocket attacks, fires and the like with lightning speed and precision.

Since the Gaza operation began we have responded to dozens of incidents with over 750 rockets having been shot at us in the southern region. Our volunteers know the dangers. They are constantly being requested by command to reallocate resources and teams to where the need is greatest. Teams have been operating 24 hours a day including Shabbat and Tisha B’Av to help ensure that the residents of Southern Israel including its Border Communities are protected during these trying times. The volunteers of YATAR leave their homes, and their families, which are very often in the attack zone, to help protect and shield others.

Turn these tense time, the YATAR volunteers desperately need protective equipment, amongst other items, to help keep them safe. Shrapnel/bulletproof helmets and vests are needed right now to keep the YATAR teams safe.

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