The website of the Home Front Command website crashed on Friday evening, likely due to a server overload.

Users who tried to access the website reported receiving an error message stating that the page they tried to access no longer exists.

It appears as though too many people attempted to log onto the website at once, causing it to crash.

The Home Front Command commented on the website crashing and said, “In the last hour we have received inquiries from you about disruptions in the activity of the national emergency portal. We are dealing with the problem and working to correct the disruptions.”

“It's good and important to stay updated, you can find life-saving information and instructions in the Home Front Command application,” it added.

The website provides Israelis with instructions on how to conduct themselves in an emergency. Friday’s outage came after Israel launched Operation Breaking Dawn against Islamic Jihad terrorist targets.

The Islamic Jihad responded by firing some 100 rockets towards southern and central Israel.

IDF aircraft later attacked a site for the production of materials used in rockets belonging to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.

A weapons production site, a rocket launcher and a military post used by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip were attacked as well, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

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