Rabbi Gershon Edelstein
Rabbi Gershon Edelstein Shlomi Cohen/Flash90

Ahead of the new school year, Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, leading Lithuanian-haredi rabbi, has sent a letter to high school yeshiva deans regarding dozens of students who do not yet have a place for the school year.

"As is known, there are now a few dozen boys who do not have a high school yeshiva to go to," Rabbi Edelstein wrote in the letter. "This is a very serious thing, because it is lifte-threatening, both spiritually in materially, for those boys and their families."

"Therefore, it is clear and simple that we cannot stand on the side, and the yeshiva deans have an obligation and a requirement that each one should accept a few students to his yeshiva."

The one officially in charge of dealing with this issue is Hebron Yeshiva dean Rabbi David Cohen.

Rabbi Edelstein noted, "One should act according to his (Rabbi Cohen's - ed.) opinion, in order to ensure that all the boys have an appropriate framework to allow them to succeed in Torah, and not a single boy will be left without a yeshiva for the coming term."

He concluded,

"And there is no doubt that the merit of this great mitzvah (good deed or Torah commandment - ed.) will stand by all the yeshivas which aid this, so that they will not be harmed at all, and even more so, that the merit of the Torah and kindness will help them merit great success, and all the students will grow in Torah and in the ways it is acquired."