Aviv Kochavi in Gaza envelope
Aviv Kochavi in Gaza envelopeIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Following a security situation assessment, it was decided that the restrictions and road closures in the area near the Gaza border will continue on Friday.

Earlier on Thursday, the IDF decided to reinforce existing divisions along the Gaza border in order to prepare for a possible confrontation with terrorists.

The Gaza division has already been reinforced with artillery, engineering, infantry, armor and special forces units.

While the IDF stressed that as of right now, an order forbidding soldiers from leaving the area has not been initiated, it has been decided that at least part of the units will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Kan 11 News reported on Thursday that the political echelon thought that the restrictions on the communities near the Gaza border could be lifted today, but they are expected to continue for several more days.

Defense officials say that if the Islamic Jihad tries to carry out an attack - Israel will respond with great force and the possibility that the IDF will be the one to take the initiative is being examined.

In the meantime, Lt. Avichay Adraee, head of the Arab media division of the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, issued an appeal to the residents of Gaza following the security tensions on the southern border.

"In recent days, we have witnessed the dangerous behavior of the Islamic Jihad organization, which may have serious consequences on the situation in the Gaza Strip. This behavior, which manifests itself in the intention to carry out an attack against the residents of the Gaza envelope and IDF forces, has already damaged the routine of life of the Gazans: Israel was forced to close the crossings in Erez and Kerem Shalom to prevent the movement of people and vehicles on these roads."

"This is an organization that does not care about the well-being of the residents of Gaza, and at a cost of considerations that have nothing to do with Gaza's interest - it threatens to bring the Strip once again to the mouth of the abyss. Residents of Gaza, do not allow Hamas to drag you into escalation," wrote Adraee.