Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan Pollard Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Jonathan Pollard turns 68 tomorrow. To celebrate, friends and activists who worked for his release decided to give Pollard a special gift for his birthday, 1,000 good deeds done in the name of his late wife, Esther.

The group wrote: "Our dear brother Jonathan Pollard is celebrating his birthday and this year, unfortunately, Esther will not celebrate his birthday with him. We invite you to participate with us in a special birthday present for Jonathan."

"This coming Friday, a bouquet of flowers will be sent to Jonathan from all the people of Israel with a list of 1,000 people who have undertaken to do good deeds for the sake of the unity of Israel, in his honor and in Esther's memory," they added. "Together we will make Jonathan happy and make him feel that he is not alone."

Among the good deeds the participants have undertaken are: visiting the sick, helping the elderly, donating to the needy, offering a match to a single friend, donating blood, and more.