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The day after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi concluded her visit to Taiwan, the Chinese military fired “precision missiles” into the Taiwan Strait.

China confirmed that its military launched “precision missiles strikes” in the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, Fox News reported.

China's government had vowed to take "targeted military operations" after Pelosi defied its threats and visited Taiwan on Tuesday.

China had warned that a visit by Pelosi to the island nation it considers part of its sovereign borders would cross a red line and even threatened to shoot down the Speaker's plane.

Pelosi landed in Tapei on Tuesday as part of a Congressional delegation touring eastern Asia this week.

The US military responded to Chinese threats by sending several warships to the area.

"Long-range armed live fire precision missile strikes were carried out on selected targets in the eastern area of the Taiwan Strait," the Eastern Theater Command of China’s People's Liberation Army said in a statement.

"The expected outcome was achieved," the statement added.

Taiwan's Defense Ministry said it was monitoring the Chinese maneuvers while being cautious to avoid any moves that could be seen by China as an escalation.

"The three service branches will combine efforts with all the people to jointly safeguard national security and territorial integrity," the statement said.