Islamic Jihad terrorist
Islamic Jihad terroristFlash 90

A spokesperson for the Islamic Jihad terror group's Jenin Battalion, which is accompanied by armed activists, read out a notice threatening terror attacks against Israel in response to the arrest of Islamic Jihad leader Basa'am Asadi earlier this week.

"We will scatter the heads of Zionists and their bodies on the mountaintops," the spokesperson said.

In a video attached to the threatening message, armed terrorists can be seen shooting at IDF forces during previous operations in the Jenin area.

Meanwhile, Asadi's son published an update on Facebook regarding the condition of his father, who is currently being held in the Ofer Prison.

According to the son, Asadi suffers from bruises and injuries all over his body, and especially from the blow he received to the back of his head, which caused significant bleeding, and from a horrible headache.

Asadi's son placed responsibility for his father's life on the "occupying government," and demanded that the Palestinian Authority and human rights organizations set up a medical committee to keep tabs on his father's condition.

In addition, the son responded to Islamic Jihad's response to his father's arrest, saying that the terror organization does not spare a thing in its actions.