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Residents of Vermont discovered antisemitic flyers in clear plastic bags that were deposited across the state over the weekend.

The flyers containing antisemitic statements and anti-Jewish propaganda were found on driveways and sidewalks, shocking Vermont residents, NBC5 reported.

As with similar flyers found in other states, they were placed in plastic bags with rice to weigh them down.

“There’s a lot of kids in the area and I just want to make sure that a kid doesn’t pick it up, because also, on there, there’s a website they can go to that has some pretty radical things on it," a resident of Milton, Vermont told the news outlet. "I just wouldn’t want a kid to pick that up, scan the barcode, and have it bring them to that site.”

Rabbi Eliyahu Junik of Chabad Vermont in Burlington compared the flyers to propaganda published in Germany before the Holocaust.

“It’s antisemitic tropes, we know where it could lead," he told NBC5. "Last century, it led to the murder of six million Jews, so spewing hate doesn’t add any good in this world.”