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And we thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Turns out that, allegedly, the warden of Israel's largest high security prison, with the knowledge and cooperation of his staff, pimped young female Jewish soldiers to prominent Jew-killing terrorists in Gilboa prison.

It is common knowledge that terrorist prisoners receive undeserved benefits including gourmet meals, entertainment,and academic studies, but no one ever imagined in their worst nightmares that it included having their way with Jewish girls sent by their superiors.

It was from this highest security prison that six terrorists escaped a few months ago.

How can this happen? It’s a process.

Apparently this shocking alleged state of affairs has been going on for a while, but just recently. surfaced

No doubt, years ago, (let’s say it - before Oslo) it would not have entered the realm of possibility . There was a time when Israeli meant Jew. Israel meant the Jewish State.

Right was not wrong.

A terrorist is a despicable enemy of the Jewish people and should be treated as such. A Jewish woman is a sister and daughter and must be loved and protected and not offered to the devil. And no one mentions how the Chief Rabbinate fought a losing fight to exempt all girls from IDF service for reasons of modesty -but no one imagined to what degree..

So, what happened?

Basically, the "progressive" forces wooed many Jews away from our national, religious and basic human ethical moorings.

Without roots everything goes.

Powerful forces insist there can be no definition of right or wrong, good or bad, no difference between criminal and victim, between a people defending themselves and those who try to annihilate them.

No difference between a man and a woman.

In this atmosphere, "serious" goals like professional promotions as reward for managing a "quiet" jail are what counts.

As it happens, the head warden of the jail is an Arab. Yes, aren't we all Israelis. Jews, Arabs - no difference. It's just a job. If the Jews don't respect or believe in themselves, why should he? Do you think he would dare pimp a young Arab woman?

The victims of alleged sexual abuse and repeated rape describe how the chief terrorist basically ran the jail. There was full cooperation and excellent relations between him and the warden and staff.

Quiet.was the goal and probably more than just quiet The warden and staff didn't want problems.They provided the Jew killers with favors and entitlements that eventually included Jewish girls.

Post Oslo Accords leftist Israel has succumbed to the enemy's narrative; that we are 'occupying" their land. Israel has shown that we are willing to pay the greatest price that any people can pay - its sense of justice - to those bent on our destruction. Israel gave away its land for a "deal" with the proper owners - who the left sees as the real "natives,"

And even that temporary quiet came with a price.

Meanwhile, policemen became social workers when dealing with "occupied" Arabs, but remained stringent law enforcers towards Jews.

In the last election the anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood party was invited to be the deciding factor in the government of Israel.

These lines were crossed and if they are crossed once again after the elections, every Arab, terrorist or not - in or out of jail - will know it is just a matter of time. And patience.

Victory will be theirs. The Jews will have lost their famous pride and courage - their sense of justice. No atom bomb can prevent that.

The entire IDF has not and actually cannot deter an Arab terrorist from raping a Jewish prison guard - if it occurs with the cooperation of the no roots, no honor Jews themselves.

When the tribe of Benjamin supported their fellow tribesmen who raped and killed a woman from another tribe. all of the other tribe of Israel went to war to erase the immorality that stained the Nation. That terrible story is recounted in the Book of Judges to be a lesson to us about Jewish pride and standards.

War was the only answer then.

When the Jewish people were about to enter the Land with Moses, the Canaanites captured a lowly Jewish maid servant.

Moses ordered the annihilation of those who dared dishonor a Jewish girl.

War was the only answer then too.

It's time to go to war - for our nation and our land. A war for Jewish values, Jewish pride and a land with the Jewish mores for which we prayed for two thousand years..

Shalom Pollackis a veteran tour guide, who says: "I have the oppportunity to observe many sides of our beloved country. As a Jew who has come home, I am passionate about sharing my observations and thoughts." He can be reached [email protected]