New footage has been released, showing the Monday night arrest of a senior Islamic Jihad terror leader.

The footage, taken from the security cameras of a business located near the home of Islamic Jihad's Sheikh Basa'am Asadi, shows how the soldiers pull Asadi while engaging in a shootout with terrorists. At some point, Asadi falls, and the soldiers drag him and even carry him at one point, apparently due to the shooting in the area.

Arab reports claim Asadi was seriously wounded in the arrest, but he can be seen walking out of his home on his own two feet.

Asadi, 61, began working with Islamic Jihad in 1984. He is one of the central and influential figures in Islamic Jihad, and has been arrested seven times for planning terror attacks, including during the Second Intifada twenty years ago.

According to Channel 13 News, Asadi served a lengthy prison sentence in Israel. In 2002, two of his sons were killed in clashes with the IDF.

תיעוד ממצלמות אבטחה במרכול באזור מחנה הפליטים ג'נין