Chabad tefilin stand (illustrative)
Chabad tefilin stand (illustrative) Flash90

Marc Randolph, better known as the founder of 'Netflix', put on tefillin (ritual items worn by adult males during morning prayers) with the help of two brothers working for the Chabad movement.

Chabad reported that Yossi and Levi Chayo, two young entrepreneurs who own the hat shop 'Blissimo' in Kingston, United States, are the ones who honored Marc by putting on the tefillin for the first time in his life.

According to the report, the brothers made their way to California to be a guest on Netflix founder Marc Randolph's "It Will Never Work" podcast.

Marc usually hosts young entrepreneurs in order to encourage them to open small businesses and develop in the business field.

When the Chayo brothers entered the recording room, they suggested Marc put on tefillin. He was enthusiastic about the offer and asked them to place the tefillin on him while telling them that this was the first time he had ever donned them.

The 64-year-old Marc, moved by the mitzvah (positive commandment), broke into a Hasidic dance with the brothers and sang the traditional Jewish song of celebration Siman Tov Umazal Tov (A Good Omen and Good Fortune).