Scene of the attempted murder
Scene of the attempted murder MDA

The Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office submitted an indictment to the Tel Aviv District Court against Ahmad Rashdan (aged 33) from Samaria, for a terrorist act of attempted murder and causing serious injury with aggravating circumstances, for his attempt to kill a person of Jewish extraction using a concrete paving tool.

Rashdan, a Palestinian from the town of Einabus near Shechem, carried out the attack last month at the Givat Shmuel bridge on Highway 4, in which Rabbi Yitzhak Dahan (aged 47) of Bnei Brak was moderately wounded.

The indictment states that the defendant decided to murder a Jew for nationalist and ideological reasons, and with the aim of inciting fear or panic among the general public. The charge sheet alleges that the attack was planned for two days prior to when it ultimately occurred, but the accused twice decided to postpone it until a better opportunity arose.

On July 5, 2022, the defendant arrived at the scene, took a concrete paving tool, and placed it in his bag. He then set out, and after noticing the victim walking by, he decided that the victim was a Jew and waited for him to pass close by before attacking him with the tool.

From the force of the blow, the victim fell, with blood gushing from his head wound. At this point, the defendant threw the concrete tool away and fled the scene. As a result of the accused's actions, the victim suffered serious injuries, including two fractures to his skull, cerebral bleeding, and hearing loss.

According to the indictment, the accused left a letter for his family detailing his hatred for Jews, his intent to uphold the cause of jihad, and a prayer that he be accepted into paradise.

In the request to extend the defendant's remand until the conclusion of proceedings against him, Attorney Bar stated that: "The respondent entered the country with the aim of murdering a person of Jewish origin, for nationalistic and ideological reasons, and attacked the plaintiff, an innocent person, whose only 'sin' was that he was on his way to pray. The attack was made with a blunt instrument to the head, and was entirely unprovoked."

The defendant is charged with the crimes of committing a terrorist act, attempted murder, causing grievous bodily harm under aggravated circumstances, and obstruction of justice.

Rabbi Yitzhak Dahan recounted the day he was attacked: "I was crossing the bridge in Givat Shmuel, and I saw a man coming down the bridge holding a bag. We were alone on the bridge. He looked at me, put his hand into the bag, but didn't take anything out. Seconds later, just after I passed him, he took something out of the bag -- I didn't see exactly what -- and then hit me in the head with it two or three times, before running away.

"I lost a lot of blood as I waited for a passerby to reach me, and after two minutes someone approached and summoned help. I didn't hear exactly what the attacker shouted as he hit me, but he mumbled something, probably the usual phrase, 'Allahu Akbar.'"