Matan Luzon
Matan Luzon From Facebook

Matan Luzon, 25, from Petah Tikva, who was killed on Thursday in the accident in the Sinai Peninsula, was laid to rest on Saturday night with hundreds of people in attendance at the funeral.

Luzon was a councilor at the Boyer Boarding School in Jerusalem and was also a soccer referee. Also killed in Thursday’s accident was Yuval Keshet from Haifa. Five other people were injured to varying degrees.

Mazal, Matan’s mother, eulogized her son and said, "I wish I could continue to cook for you. I was glad you served as a soldier-student and didn't go to a combat unit. I thought this would save my son. But apparently everyone has an expiration date. I'm sorry I wasn't with you at the end. I really took care of him as much as I could."

Matan’s sister, Smadar, eulogized him and said, "My Matan, my beloved, if love were enough - we would wrap you with it and heal every wound. I love you Matan and we will love you forever, from the day you came into the world and changed the world - until yesterday when I gave you one last hug in Abu Kabir. We are broken, the world is a lesser place without you. You are the child we asked for, that every parent and every sister could have asked for. What a father you could have been, your life was suddenly cut short. I hope it's not dark out there where you are, always with you."

Matan’s girlfriend Tohar, who survived the accident, said, "How in two years was such a strong friendship formed, how in two years you entered my heart. Everyone laughed at us that we were like a married couple. My Matan, I have never had such fun in my life. How much you cared for me, you were my protector, my angel."

"On Thursday I told you: 'Look after me and you told me - 'sure,'" she added, her voice breaking. "I am so sorry, Tohar without Matan is not complete. My world is collapsing. You are my half in the world, I love you in the world. Love that is felt in the heart at all its might."