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New OlimShachar Azran

Many religious Jews who live in Chutz LaAretz sincerely desire to make Aliya - some excuses for not doing so are better than others. Parnasa is a very real and serious concern. So is divided families.
But there are some who will tell you when you question them, that living in Eretz Yisrael is 'only' a Mitzva Kiyumit (you 'get a mitzva' if you do it, but no sin if you don't) and not a Mitzva Chiyuvit (obligatory) in our time.

Two answers to that claim. There are strong opinions that Yishuv Eretz Yisrael is indeed a chiyuv - so Safek (if there really is a doubt) would point in the direction of fulfillment of the mitzva.
Second answer is TZITZIT. A classic example of a mitzva kiyumit that every G-d fearing man fulfills with Talit and Arba Kanfot. And many adorn the mitzva with a costly and beautiful atara and an embroidered tallis bag.

s we've said before - Living in Israel is not only a mitzva in itself, it is a facilitator of many, many mitzvot. It enhances the quality of all mitzvot.

But more than that - it is R'TZON HASHEM! It is THE PLACE where HaShem wants us to be - for our sake AND to prevent the Chilul HaShem that is the Jewish People living in Galut.

When we had no choice - that was one thing. And we did a great job of creating vibrant Jewish communities all over the world. But now we have a choice - and that choice should be living in Eretz Yisrael.