Confiscation of solar panels
Confiscation of solar panelsHomesh Yeshiva

IDF soldiers and Border Police officers confiscated solar panels and destroyed wiring that provide electricity for the Homesh Yeshiva in Samaria this afternoon (Friday), leaving the Yeshiva in the dark for Shabbat.

Shmuel Vandi, the director of the yeshiva, criticized the confiscation. "The security situation is getting worse, attempted attacks, stone throwing, just a few hours ago an Israeli was beaten near Alei Zahav, and yet our security forces are most concerned with our Yeshiva. This is incomprehensible. Their obsession with the Yeshiva is a reward for terrorists.

"The confiscation of parts of the Yeshiva's electrical system is a step up in the government's actions against of Homesh, but we do not despair, they will not silence the voice of the Torah in Homesh," added Vandi.

The yeshiva notes that from the day of the murder of Yehuda Dimentman near the Yeshiva, the government began to take more drastic measures against the Yeshiva. Roadblocks were posted, access to the Yeshiva with vehicles was prohibited, and from time to time the security forces confiscate vehicles and equipment from the Yeshiva.