In the midst of a major heatwave across large swaths of the United States, Las Vegas was hit with severe flooding on Friday morning.

A flash flood pelted the Las Vegas strip and impacted several popular casinos, Fox News reported.

Videos on social media showed water pooling up down Las Vegas Boulevard with people being soaked by the rare severe rainstorm. The flash waters impacted casinos, local businesses and parking garages.

One video showed water flowing into the Circa Resort & Casino where it began to pool on the casino’s carpet.

Another video showed water leaking through the ceiling at the iconic Caesars Palace casino.

Water also flooded the Planet Hollywood Casino, rushing through a large hole in the ceiling.

Rain is rare for the Las Vegas area and a severe thunderstorm of the kind that hit the city this week is even rarer. In an average year, Las Vegas only receives about 4.19 inches of rain.

The storm was proceeded by a flash flood warning and a severe thunderstorm warning for the Las Vegas Valley area on Friday morning, the City of Las Vegas said.