Amiram Ben Uliel (right).
Amiram Ben Uliel (right). Arutz Sheva

The murderers of the family living in Duma will continue to remain at large because no one is investigating the crime to find out what really happened.

In fact, no one has ever investigated the crime. Instead of an investigation, it was decided by the Jewish section of the ISA that “Jewish Terrorists” were responsible for the firebombing, which made everyhing much easier all around - except for the suspects whose confessions were extracted by means of torture, and their families and friends.

What followed the allegations was a ‘season’ of prejudice and hate. Many innocent “settlers” were placed in administrative detention for various amounts of time, arrested and tortured (this is documented) with the objective of creating “Jewish Terrorists” by forcing them to confess to the crime.

Most, if not all of the victims, will suffer for many years from the trauma of their treatment by the ISA (Shabak)'s Jewish Division at that time, a Division that MK Orit Struk and others have demanded be closed, leaving investigation of crimes allegedly committed by Jews to the police force, while the Shabak deals with the enemies of the Jewish State.

When the authorities realized that no confessions were forthcoming and they had to release their victims, they should have stopped then and there, but under pressure arising from the knee-jerk libel that Jews were responsible, they arrested Amiram Ben-Uliel and 17-year-old Elisha Odess and made sure that the torture this time around would provide the needed confessions.

Torture to coerce a confession is illegal under Israeli and international law unless there is immediate danger of further terror. The Shabak had to lie and claim that the accused were “Ticking Bombs” in order to obtain permission to use torture. Initially, the Shabak denied the torture. They then backtracked claiming that they had used ‘special means’ to extract the confession. Shockingly, this came out in the courtroom.

This was only one of the crimes committed by the authorities ... see the article: “The Many Crimes in the Duma Affair” for the rest of the story.

Prof. Boaz Sangero has been teaching, writing and lecturing about how citizens can be safe from false convictions. He is demanding that no confession be accepted by a court in Israel without corroborating evidence. This simple reform would meet the basic standards of most civilized societies today, but Prof Sangero has had no success in advancing it.

Thousands of years ago our Sages coined the principle “Ein odom maisim atzmo rosho”. In other words, self-incriminating testimony is not accepted by a court, and in this case it was extracted underr torture!

The interested reader can join a petition to Israel’s President Isaac Herzog at Or google “Justice for Amiram”. Please do your small part to help return Amiram to his wife and young daughter after years of cruelty by the authorities based on nothing but prejudice and hate.

This Sunday evening, there is a zoom meeting on the subject. Details and letter from the Honenu organization, an Israeli Zionist legal aid organization that offers legal assistance to people experiencing difficulty in receiving a fair judicial process, below:

Dear Friends,

Its been almost seven years since Amiram Ben Uliel was arrested, tortured and incarcerated for a crime we know he did not commit.

He is allowed minimal visitors, always with a glass partition between them, and he is being held in solitary confinement , without phone privileges.

Not even a hug for his daughter!

We have scheduled this call to update you about Amiram's condition and to see what we can do together to improve his plight.

The webinar will take place at:

10:00 a.m. PST

1:00 PM, EST

8:00 p.m. Israel

Experts will discuss the affiar, including:

Prof Ari Zivotofsky, professor of neuroscience, Bar-Ilan University

Honenu Attorney Yitzhak Baum

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky , JD, Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Bnai Yeshuran, Teaneck, NJ

Please join us. Your participation means so much to Orian, Amiram's wife who will be joining us on the call.

To register: