Eastern Jerusalem
Eastern Jerusalem Shimon Cohen

Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton on Thursday revoked the operating licenses of six schools in eastern Jerusalem, after serious incitement was found in the textbooks used in those schools.

"Incitement against the State of Israel and IDF soldiers in children's school textbooks is an intolerable phenomenon that will be dealt with severely. Every educational institution which is found to be inciting and using hate speech against the State of Israel and its symbols – its license will be revoked. Incitement and hatred - not in our schools," clarified Shasha-Biton.

The inciting content was discovered during an enforcement operation conducted by the Ministry of Education in the region. The directors of the educational institutions in question were summoned to a hearing, after which the decision was made to revoke the permanent operating license they held.

The Ministry of Education stated that the inciting textbooks contained content that included the glorification of terrorists, various plots against Israel and claims that it is massacring Palestinians.

One of the quotes released by the Ministry of Education from one of the textbooks included the following: "The greatest racist disaster that struck the Palestinian people occurred in 1948, when armed Zionist gangs occupied 77% of Palestine and carried out a massacre against the Palestinians, destroying 531 Palestinian villages, and causing the emigration of a million Palestinians to places of refugees in what is left of Palestine."