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A former US Marine was accused of leading a neo-Nazi group plotting to attack a New York synagogue.

According to the FBI, the group, Rapekrieg, had a manifesto written by its leader, Matthew Belanger, a former Marine.

Belanger was charged with multiple gun violations and faces up to 20 years in prison, court documents said.

A criminal complaint was filed in June in the US District Court for Hawaii that alleged Belanger paid a Long Island police officer to buy guns for him, NBC News reported. Belanger was an active Marine at the time.

The FBI opened an investigation into Belanger after it began to suspect he was planning hate-motivated attacks, court documents showed.

"The investigation was grounded in evidence that defendant was using social media to conspire with others, including members of a group called Rapekrieg, to commit ... hate crimes," the documents said.

The Long-Island based extremist group "had procured weapons, uniforms, and tactical gear, and discussed committing attacks on a synagogue, Jewish persons, women, and minorities.”