Gilboa Prison
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A female soldier who had done her service as a prison guard in Gilboa prison has alleged that she was raped during her service by one of the inmates. She detailed the incident under conditions of anonymity, using the pseudonym Hila.

Hila tells, as part of a crowdfunding campaign run by her lawyer Karen Barak, that her commanders were the ones who created a situation in which she and a convicted terrorist would be alone together, and that he had taken advantage of her at the time.

"I volunteered to serve in the IDF and went through a prison guard course that lasted several months, and like all the IDF soldiers who are loaned to the IPS (Israel Prison Service) as prison guards, I was assigned to watch over and guard the enemies of the state - the security prisoners who did everything to wipe out the existence of the State of Israel and murdered Jews," she wrote. "Unfortunately for me, of all the prisons, I was placed in Gilboa prison, where the most dangerous terrorists are imprisoned, a prison with maximum security."

"There I discovered to my astonishment that there was one 'commander' who was a Palestinian terrorist, convicted of murder, who controlled all the officers and staff. They obeyed him and carried out his 'orders' without any argument," she added. "He walked freely around the prison without handcuffs and touched the bodies of female soldiers without hindrance. Everyone knew. Everyone was silent. Everyone was afraid. Everyone 'worked' for him."

"At the beginning of my service, one day he saw me while strolling around the prison, and summarily announced to me that 'You are coming to my wing of the prison, to work for me.' she wrote. "I thought he was delusional, but to my surprise found that in short order, I was stationed in 'his' wing of the prison and was not allowed to rotate through various branches as the rest of the guards did."

"Everyone knows his name, it's been all over the press, and yet this villain has requested his name be censored. He knows why, he knows very well what they do in the prisons for rapists," she added. "I will call him M.A., these are the initials of his name. I wish I had never met him. I wish I had never enlisted to serve as a prison guard. I thought I had strength, that I would contribute to the country, but at the end of my military service, I became the terrorist's private sex slave."

"My commanders, the other staff members, who I thought were supposed to protect me, delivered me into the hands of that terrorist - I'll call him 'M.A'," Hila writes. "They made sure that I was left alone with him, contrary to the established procedures, so that he could brutally hurt me and sexually abuse me repeatedly. Not just me, either - this happened to many female guards," she wrote. "He could have murdered me, or taken me hostage -it was just the two of us, alone, without handcuffs and without bars, and he is a convicted murderer! A terrorist! What did they think would happen? That he would 'just' enjoy me? Is that acceptable? I can't imagine what they thought was worth trading the body of an IDF soldier for - peace in the prison? Money? Information?"

"I was scared to death of him. He was the strongest person in the prison - that M.A., a terrorist, a murderer with blood on his hands," she added. "Everyone helped, everyone knew, everyone was silent and everyone was part of this cruel campaign of abuse, and worst of all, to this day since the publication of the affair, my secret that was known, was hidden from you, hidden from everyone, maybe they hoped I would take this secret with me to the grave. Maybe they thought that I would kill myself or run away to hide in some hole and continue to be ashamed, but not anymore."

"I'm done being silent, I'm done being ashamed, I'm not guilty," she said. "The shame belongs to the state. The shame belongs to everyone who has been hiding and glossing over this affair for years. Enough of the silence. I will not be silenced anymore. This demon is out of the bottle and I will never let them put it back until I get answers from my country. I demand that an independent commission of inquiry be established."

The IPS responded: "These are serious allegations about an incident that happened several years ago. The information is forbidden for publication, and we will wait for the results of the police investigation and act according to the findings with zero tolerance, in accordance with the organization's policy."