Haim Zinman
Haim ZinmanHezki Baruch

Haim Zinman, the father of Matan, the six-year-old boy who was killed Wednesday in a car accident, spoke to reporters Thursday about the tragedy that has befallen his family.

"We are hurting and sad," said Zinman. "Every day we drive on these roads there is fear of stones and accidents. There is carnage and killing and loss. Rivka and the children also saw the vehicle, a large white one, speeding up and driving in their direction. Rivka tried to brake and the children were wearing seat belts and there was no one else on the road."

"Since then, the whole family has been scattered in different hospitals," he added. "I have no words. Just two weeks ago we put in shielding against stones. Yesterday my father bought Matan a bag for school and they danced all day. He was a smiling and happy child and today he is not with us."

"When looking at all the facts, this was no car accident. If it happened in the center of the country, it would not be on the agenda. We want the case to be investigated. There are no policemen or soldiers on the roads today. Every day there are stones thrown. Think of our child. Our child is gone. Our children have fractures and injuries all over their bodies and it hurts."

Zinman's wife Rivka and their five children were injured when a Palestinian Authority vehicle struck their vehicle in Binyamin on Wednesday. Six-year-old Matan was critically injured and died at the hospital several hours later. He was to begin the first grade this fall.