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Police dismissed the cases if complaints were filed against Asian families. An investigation found that more than a thousand children were sexually exploited in Telford amid the "shocking" shortcomings of the police and city council, the Times said. The suffering of children could have been avoided if the West Mercia police "had done their most basic work." The investigation found that sexual exploitation of children "flourished" in the Shropshire town due to fears that investigations into Asian men would "inflame racial tensions".

Tom Crowther QC, head of the investigation, said: “Countless children have been sexually assaulted and raped. They have been deliberately humiliated and degraded. They have been shared and trafficked. They were subjected to violence and their families threatened ”. Investigating them would have been "too politically incorrect". Crowther said the exploitation continued "out of control" despite everyone being "aware of it in detail".

A report by Quilliam International found that 84 percent of men convicted of being members of soliciting gangs are Pakistani Muslims.

The largely leftist #MeToo campaign and its adherents have turned their backs on these minors. The left prefers to attack straight, white, wealthy men in Hollywood. The left, happy to scream at "white male privilege" and fabricating "culture of rape" statistics in colleges, continues to turn a blind eye when this behavior comes from one of their protected groups.

When Labor Ann Cryer, elected to the House of Commons representing a constituency in the north of England, raised the issue of girl rape in her area, she was promptly accused of "Islamophobia" and "racism" and at one point she had to be placed under guard.

The story is always the same everywhere. Working-class cities, governed by Labor municipal councils, where the girls, according to the judges who presided over the trials, were chosen because they belonged to another ethnic group, meaning they were not Muslims and were considered easy "prey" (read Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book, entitled just “Prey").

An Associated Press investigation revealed that every year in Pakistan 1,000 girls belonging to religious minorities, mostly Christian, are kidnapped for sex slaves and forced to convert to Islam to pave the way for non-consensual marriages. Like Arzoo Raja, 13, forced to convert and marry a 44-year-old man.

And the fear of "offending" Islamic minorities has led to horror after horror in England too.

This is a continuation of what already happened in Rotherham in the north of the country, where gangs of Pakistani-born rapists were allowed to lure and abuse 1,400 children for many years. Rotherham is one of the epicenters of British multiculturalism, there is a perfectly legal sharia court and public school canteens have become "halal", Islamically correct.

Rotherham is solidly Labor; the last Conservative deputy lost his seat a month after Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor. The Labor politicians who ruled Rotherham over the past decade entered politics during the anti-racist movement of the 1970s and 1980s. Their political instinct - and their personal interest - is not to confront or alienate their Pakistani voters, making one wonder about the meaning of democracy in our age.

The victims were eleven to sixteen-year-old white children with psychological or family problems. Labor politician Denis MacShane told the Times he did not want to investigate, although he was aware of the abuses, because "as a reader of the Guardian and a left-wing liberal" he was afraid of "sinking the multicultural boat."

Politicians and social workers did not want to stop the violence, even though they knew of it. Officials "were afraid of denouncing the ethnic origin of those involved" with the fear of being defined as "racists". At least Rotherham Mayor, Labor Roger Stone, has resigned over this scandal.

"Politically correct takes over Yorkshire," headlined the Wall Street Journal. More accurately, political vote-courting. This sexual slavery has spread to other towns, Oldham, Rochdale, Derby and elsewhere, where British coal mines are built and touted as examples of a bright multicultural future - in Labor rhetoric.

The road to hell is always paved with good intentions. But if one sees that the road leads to Hell , perhaps it is time to change direction..