Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson Reuters

Rumors are circulating that outgoing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be named the next head of NATO.

After being forced to resign as Britain’s leader following months of scandals, The Telegraph reported that Johnson is in line to become the next Secretary General of the Western military alliance, with his candidacy being backed by senior officials in Britain and other NATO members.

While he isn’t assured of becoming NATO’s next chief, there are positives in his favor, including his close relationship with the Ukrainian government, which is said to be the reason he is being favored for the job.

The report also said that Ukrainian MP Oleksii Goncharenko’s public support for Johnson to assume the role after NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg leaves his post in September is a driving force in the British politician’s ascendancy.

“Boris Johnson’s leadership during this war has ensured vital military, economic and humanitarian supplies have been provided to Ukraine,” Goncharenko said.

He noted that Britain has been one of Ukraine’s “most important supporters.”

“He would be the right person to take over from Jens Stoltenberg as he understands the challenges that NATO and the West face,” he said. “He will always support Ukraine in our fight against the 21st century’s Hitler and will support NATO members and NATO goals with the same level of unstinting support.”

Senior members of the British Conservative Party are also reportedly backing Johnson for the position, with several MPS publicly voicing their support and former Brexit minister David Jones stating that Johnson was the best candidate for leading NATO as he had “led the Western response to Putin.”

But there is much uncertainly around his appointment, sure to face opposition, especially from French President Emmanuel Macron, source said. France, like other NATO member states, will have to unanimously approve the alliance's new chief.

According to Huffington Post UK, Macron in the past has described Johnson as a “clown” and a “knucklehead,” making it unlikely he would support Johnson’s candidacy.