Ariella Zeitlin is a world-renowned violinist and singer-songwriter, known for her original upbeat style and for combining virtuoso classical music with upbeat rock originals. Originally from Baltimore, MD, she moved to Israel at the age of 17 where she quickly became a musical representative of Israel, being flown internationally to represent Israel in performances worldwide.

She received a MA in violin performance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music, sponsored in part by scholarships from the Israel-America Cultural Foundation, and has hundreds of thousands of views on her YouTube channel.

Ariella is based in Israel, but you'll find her all over the world providing stellar entertainment for social and corporate events.

As an award-winning violinist, Ariella has wowed audiences on stages around the world, and she is uniquely suited to tailor your concert or event to your vision, and driven by a passion for perfection and a desire to bring the best entertainment to her audience.

In addition to private events, as a passionate Zionist, Ariella uses her unique skills to raise millions for organizations close to her heart through out-of-the-box projects that bring attention to businesses and non-profits.

It was such fun to meet Ariella in our studio for a nice conversation, she is a bubbly woman, beautiful and full of energy. She was accompanied by her daughter who has appeared in a few music clips already and is also very talented.

Ariella has this unique blend of talent, a beautiful smile, and lots of energy, you can feel she really enjoys what she does and how much she loves performing and entertaining the public with her wit and joy.
We finished off the interview by wishing her to get a Grammy award which is on her very busy to-do list!

Now that I have met her I am sure she will!

Good luck Ariella.