President Herzog
President Herzog Amos

Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Tuesday morning spoke for the first time about the conflict with Russia, regarding the continuation of the Jewish Agency for Israel's activities in that country.

Last week, Interfax reported that the Russian Justice Ministry had requested a local court order the liquidation of the Jewish Agency in the country.

"Naturally, the issue we are concerned with right now regarding the Jewish Agency's activities in Russia is a topic which is truly close to my heart," Herzog said. "I therefore use two tools: First - there are things that silence is good for them. I think that the less we speak, the better it will be, and this will allow proper management of the entire issue."

"Second, I am working in full cooperation with Prime Minister [Yair] Lapid, in full faith. We are working for the sake of the State of Israel and the Jewish nation. We are cooperating, and wherever I can help, I will help."

"Russia is an important country in the entire area and in general," Herzog added. "There may be various scenarios and ten different explanations for why and how this event developed. I prefer not to go to analyses. Sometimes we see things that we do not always understand, and things that we see from here, we don't see from there. Let's let the processes happen. The less we speak and the more we do, the better."