Bombed out hospital struck by Russian military in Mariupol, Ukraine
Bombed out hospital struck by Russian military in Mariupol, Ukraine REUTERS

Israel's Foreign Ministry has issued a travel warning to Israelis, warning them not to travel to Ukraine, including to Uman and the surrounding areas.

In the travel warning, the Foreign Ministry says, "Israeli citizens who are in Ukraine are called to immediately leave the country's borders. The Israeli Embassy does not have a continuous presence in Ukrainian territory in these days, and therefore cannot provide consular services."

"The security situation is volatile, including the danger of bombings from the air or rocket fire, including on civilian areas and towns, including in the center and west of the country, and presents a real and immediate danger to life."

The Ministry continued, "The Ukrainian government announced a state of emergency beginning on February 24, 2022, leading to the limitation of freedom of movement and the imposition of a curfew on various areas, as well as to increasing the means of security and policing in various areas (including checks, arrests, and deportation)."

Last week, Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Michael Brodsky recommended that Israelis avoid traveling to Ukraine this year, due to Ukraine's war with Russia.

Speaking to Yediot Aharonot, Brodsky emphasized, "It's important to emphasize that Ukraine is in a war and it will be very hard to ensure the safety" of those visiting the country.