IDF demolishes home of terrorists (archive)
IDF demolishes home of terrorists (archive) IDF Spokesperson's Unit

IDF soldiers are operating on Monday evening in the Palestinian Arab town of Qarawat Bani Hassan to demolish the residence of the two terrorists who committed the deadly attack in the city of Ariel in April.

The demolition of the home was repeatedly postponed due to the visit of US President Joe Biden ib Israel, due to fears that the demolition of homes in a sensitive political period would lead to increased tensions between Jerusalem and Washington.

Last month, the military prosecution filed an indictment against the two terrorists for intentionally causing death for the murder of security guard Vyacheslav Golev and attempting to murder his fiancée, in the shooting attack at the entrance to Ariel in Samaria.

According to the indictment, the two terrorists decided to carry out a murderous attack against Israeli civilians, after hearing reports of clashes between terrorist forces and the security forces. They purchased weapons and later vehicles to carry out their murderous plan.

The two decided to carry out the attack at the guard post at the entrance to Ariel, during the weekend, at night, as they believed that in this way they could escape after the murder.

The indictment reads: "On April 29, the defendants arrived at the guard post in Ariel while equipped with two Carlo-type weapons and fired several bullets at the late Vyacheslav Golev and at his fiancée, in order to cause their deaths."

The military prosecution also filed an indictment against the brother of one of the terrorists, accusing him of failure to prevent the murderous attack as well as giving shelter to the two terrorists.