Warsaw Ghetto
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A march of hundreds through Warsaw on Friday commemorated the 80th anniversary of the Nazi liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto.

The marchers walked through the area where the Jews trapped in the ghetto were deported to the Treblinka death camps in 1942, that resulted in the murder of 260,000 people, AFP reported.

Symbolic ribbons containing the names of murdered Jews were carried by the march’s participants.

The march this year was carried out in dedication to victims of deportations in the context of the Ukraine conflict, with Russian’s troops forcing the displacement of millions of Ukrainians since the invasion began in late February.

The Warsaw Ghetto, the largest ghetto created by the Nazis during the Holocaust, was created in 1940 and was home to around 500,000 Jews during the Nazi occupation of Poland.

Resides of the ghetto were forced to live in a small area full of hunger and disease. On July 22, 1942, the Nazis announced the liquidation of the ghetto, and in three months, 260,000 Jews were sent to die at Treblinka.