Former Israel Hayom Editor Boaz Bismuth, who served as the newspaper’s editor until February of this year, summarizes US President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel as a major development.

“An American president coming to visit us, that's a huge thing. America is still the leader of the free world and we thank him for that,” says Bismuth, speaking to Israel National News before he announced that he is running in the Likud primaries. “Another thing is as someone who covered the elections in America, especially the primaries, when I saw the candidates, what a relief it was for me that Biden, who had no chance at the beginning in Iowa, was the one who won the elections.”

He explains that when Biden won the election he had an unrealistic view of the Middle East: “He had a vision that was totally different than what I believe in, meaning that he believed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is dangerous for the Middle East, Egyptian President el-Sisi is dangerous because of human rights and on the contrary you have to have a deal with Iran, you have to raise the Palestinian issue again. That’s the exact opposite of what we believe for the Middle East.”

“What happened? He saw that there is also reality, there is policy that you wish to have and you’ve got reality,” he adds. “Reality was the war in Ukraine, reality was inflation in America, reality was the price of oil, of gas. Meaning he had to make a u-turn. By making this u-turn he comes to Israel and afterwards he goes to Saudi Arabia which was the main part of his visit.”

When asked if he’s encouraged by the fact that Biden and Lapid spoke about the fact that they would like to see a two-state solution but they understand that it's irrelevant, Bismuth explains:

“What I want is peace in the Middle East for all the participants, for all the countries in the Middle East, now I speak about the countries that exist, not the countries that you're going to invent. Right now inventing a country is an obstacle for peace, not only for Israel but also for the Gulf countries, for the region. The Middle East has changed. Today, we have an Arab coalition with Israel against Iran. We are totally in a different era, and we have done this without a Palestinian state, even Arab countries have understood that ever since the peace treaty with Egypt, so why go back, why not to understand that this Palestinian issue not only is not a key for a solution, it is an obstacle for a solution. So talking again about it, and also Israel covering live the visit of Mr. Biden to the Palestinian Authority… it would have been more important to cover live the visit of Biden in Saudi Arabia rather than in Bethlehem.”

Regarding the fact that during Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the Saudis said that they want normalization connected to the Palestinian issue, does that take relations backward?

“Unfortunately, yes, for me that is a failure. The Saudis were always engaged in peace propositions, we always talk about the Abdullah proposition, forgetting that in 1981 his father King Fahd also had a proposition, don’t forget that the Saudis never had war with Israel, we don’t share the same border. Saudi Arabia is a game changer,” he says. “I also tend to believe that if we would have stayed with the Trump administration and Netanyahu as prime minister of Israel, maybe today we might have already progressed and have relations with the Saudis.”

In terms of the upcoming midterm elections and presidential primaries in the United States, Bismuth predicts that the GOP will gain ground in November, and says that Trump hopes to mount a comeback in the primaries, alongside a slate of very talented candidates.

“You've got very good people would like to run [for the Republicans.] On the Democratic side I really would be surprised if I see Biden running again, especially when you see the polls where 64 percent of Democrats don't want to see him again and 13 percent of Americans only, according to the New York Times and MSNBC, think that American is going in the right direction,” he says.

“As an Israeli, I’m a huge fan of America, whether it's Republican or Democrat. Let's not forget the world is changing right now. We should wish and pray that America will continue to be the leader of the free world, whether it’s Republican or Democrat.”