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The Lahav 433 unit of the Israel Police has opened and investigation into allegations that a security prisoner committed serious sexual offenses against a woman who served as a warden at the prison where he was serving a prison sentence.

The investigation of the suspicion began following the re-opening of the investigation into the Gilboa Prison 'pimping scandal,' in which security prisoner Muhammad Atallah allegedly sexually assaulted a female prison guard.

The investigation is being conducted in the Warden Investigations Unit of Lahav 433 in cooperation with the North District Criminal Prosecution. The police clarify that at this stage the identities of the prisoner and the guard are prohibited from publication.

Half a year ago, State Prosecutor Amit Aisman decided to renew the investigation of the Gilboa Prison scandal following the testimonies made before the government's commission of inquiry into the escape of six terrorists from Gilboa Prison.

The allegations date back to 2018 but regained prominence in December 2021 when Gilboa Prison commander Ben Shitrit gave testimony regarding the prison break-out that occurred there earlier this year. Ben Shitrit had noted that female soldiers were allowed to be used by security prisoners being held in the Gilboa Prison, “in order to keep them happy.”