Ayoob Kara
Ayoob KaraKobi Richter/TPS

Former MK Ayoob Kara (Likud) spoke Monday to Radio 103 FM, about a recording posted on social media by Likud activist Michael Ben Shoshan, in which Ben Shoshan states that the solution to former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s problems is bringing to justice those who are going after Netanyahu.

"I think all the statements, including mine, come from the fact that the country is collapsing," Kara said. When asked if he condemns Ben Shoshan's statement, he said, "I don't condemn anything. More than anyone else, I want it to work out well for the Prosecutor's Office and court system. Look where these things are coming from," he urged.

"I'm against this kind of talk. I don't like it, even though it comes from a place of primaries and elections," Kara claimed. On the question of whether Ben Shoshan should be arrested following his statement, he said, "I don't know what should be done. Freedom of expression in the State of Israel is so broad that people are allowed to visit terrorists."

Regarding Netanyahu's trial, Kara added, "This trial strengthened Netanyahu. Most of the public sees him as a Dreyfus type of victim. We need to bring to justice those who decided that there should be an indictment on such selective issues."

Kara stated, "I am sure that the Likud party wants a legal system that’s fair, that runs thing connected to the State in a fair way. On the other hand, everyone knows that one of the reasons for Netanyahu's rise in popularity is this trial, which most of the public sees as harming him personally and unfairly."

He emphasized that in his opinion, it is necessary to prosecute, "those who decided to remove Netanyahu from power not through the ballot box but the court system."