A flight from Israel's Ben Gurion Airport to Poland was evacuated Saturday night due to fears of a possible bomb onboard the aircraft, Ynet reported.

Wizz Air W65098 had landed at Krakow at 10:30 pm last night when it was suddenly diverted to an isolated section of runway away from the terminal and other planes. After a half-hour of waiting, the pilot announced that there was an emergency situation and the craft had to be evacuated.

It is unclear whether the evacuation was ordered due to a direct threat which was issued or whether there was intelligence of a threat to the aircraft.

Passengers said that several children were hurt during the evacuation, which included the opening of emergency chutes to slide down to the ground.

Security forces soon arrived with sniffer dogs to check each passenger. There has been no report that any explosive devices were found.

Passengers were still waiting for their luggage to be returned to them and had not left the airport as of Sunday morning.