Near the Israeli consulate in Turkey
Near the Israeli consulate in TurkeyReuters

Turkish media has reported additional details regarding the Iranian agents who targeted Israeli tourists in Istanbul.

Turkish authorities arrested two additional Iranians earlier this week, Sabah reported Friday.

On Saturday, Sabah reported that an Iranian cell was instructed to target three Israeli tourists, and followed three female Israeli tourists and planned to assassinate them in their hotel room at the Taksim Square. The agents were paid $35,000 by Iranian authorities for their efforts.

A video published by Sabah showed a man photographing the tourists' hotel room, Kan News noted.

Sabah added that the four members of the cell arrested on June 17 were arrested "at the last minute."

Friday's report said that Turkish security forces foiled another attempt by Iranian agents earlier this month, on July 14. Three additional agents were arrested in that operation, which took place in two locations at once: Istanbul and nearby Yalova. The agents were captured near the hotel, after escaping out a window of one of the hotel's rooms.