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The social media outlet TikTok has censored an Israel National News-Arutz Shevainterview teaser with conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro, who discussed a variety of topics including: Arab Israelis profiting from affirmative rights programs in Israel, America's deteriorating cultural fabric, and transgender rights with former Israel Hayom editor-in-chief Boaz Bismuth, has been a frequent target of censorship at the hands of "Cancel culture" critics in the US.

The video in question was a 12-second segment in which Shapiro says: "Transgender ideoloy is violative of biology, reason, basic language..."

Shapiro urges Israelis to ensure this type of thinking does not permeate local culture.

"Don't import all the gender ideology nonsense - people know it's nonsense," he points out.

Tiktok bans Ben Shapiro interivew
Tiktok bans Ben Shapiro interivew Israel National News

“The future of the United States rests not on whether people like me speak. It’s really more on whether traditional liberals, people who disagree with me on taxes, on healthcare, whether those people are willing to tell the hard left it’s still important to have a conversation with people like me, or whether they decide they would rather get their policy done by working with the people on the left and then shutting the door on everybody else," said Shapiro during the interview.

Shapiro further recalled that he entered into political commentary because of defending Israel. He was a philosophy major at UCLA and saw an editorial comparing former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to Adolf Eichmann.

“I walked into the [newspaper] office and starting writing a column that turned into a syndicated column that turned into a career,” he said.

The left has only become more anti-Israel since then, he noted at the time.

Shapiro said he believes that many pro-Israel students on American campuses don’t know how to defend Israel or are intimidated by their peers' progressive beliefs.

“The number of people on campus who care about Israel is very low and the people who defend Israel don’t know how to do it. They tend to be very shy about it, specifically because in order to defend Israel you have to defend principles a lot of people on the soft left are uncomfortable with. You have to defend nationalism, you have to defend religion,” Shapiro says. “Israel is losing the left in America but I don’t think that has to do with Israel. That has to do with the left, the left has gotten significantly more radical over time. The left in America is starting to look a lot like Jeremy Corbyn’s left in Great Britain.”

Regarding transgenderism, Shapiro said he believes it is part of “secularism as a religion.”

“Gender dysphoria is an actual psychological condition. It’s in the DSM 5. What the left has decided is that if you believe you are a member of the opposite sex, we all have to treat you as a member of the opposite sex, and in fact you are a member of the opposite sex. Once a society decides that standards of actual truth – the meaning of words – it’s gone too far..." he said. “What that is in the end is an attempt to cudgel you into joining a particular cult. You have to have skin in the game and the way you demonstrate you have skin in the game is by saying nonsensical things over and over… If you see secularism as a religion, and saying your pronouns as a ritual, then it makes a lot more sense than than the idea that men can be women and women can be men.”

There's an instinctive human drive to reject all this stuff because it's the evidence of your own eyes. Don't reject the evidence of your own eyes in the name of ridiculous gender ideology that the left likes to propose as a measure of equality," concluded Shapiro.