Diamonds Flash 90

A Fabergé egg, thought to be one of the last remaining in the world, was seized from a Russian oligarch’s luxury yacht in Fiji in June, US officials announced.

The priceless egg, encrusted with jewels, was one of the “interesting” items found by Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco’s officials going after Russian assets, reported CNN. It would be worth at least tens of millions if authenticated.

Monaco told the Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday that the oligarch’s yacht had travelled from Fiji and was searched as it sat docked in San Diego Bay.

She did not disclose who the oligarch was. But in late Juane, US law enforcement raided sanctioned oligarch Suleiman Kerimov’s $325 million yacht Amadea, sailing the ship from Fiji to the United States after a legal battle over the ownership.

Monaco explained that if the egg was authentic, it would be one of the last Fabergé eggs in the world and be worth multiple millions. There are thought to be 57 surviving genuine eggs currently known.

The House of Fabergé rose to notoriety for crafting jewelled eggs, beginning in 1885, for Russian nobility, including the tsars. As jewellers to Russian aristocracy, they made 50 eggs for the Romanov royal family.

In 2014, the previously missing “Third Imperial Egg” was sold to a private collector at auction in London for around $33 million.