The IDF continues its efforts to strengthen the Judea and Samaria security barrier as part of the IDF's recent counterterrorism activities. The construction of the barrier which began in April constitutes a significant step in Operation “Break the Wave'' and the ongoing efforts to thwart and prevent terrorism as well as strengthen the Judea and Samaria security barrier. This operation led to significant progress in the construction of the security barrier in the Judean Desert, and also led to a significant decrease in the number of illegal infiltrations into Israeli territory.

As part of the engineering efforts in the Judea Brigade under the guidance of the Chief Combat Engineering Officer, BG Ido Mizrahi, and the Commander of the Central Command's Combat Engineering Corps, LTC Ido Journo, the Central Command's Engineering Corps, the Combat Engineering Corps’ Heavy Machinery battalions and companies, as well as the General Staff Heavy Machinery Unit have been operating using more than 60 dedicated tools. As of now, five kilometers of the new barrier have been excavated. Seven and a half kilometers have also been cleared in coordination with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Israel Antiquities Authority.

This initiative is in addition to the continuous activity of the security forces in the area to prevent illegal infiltrations into the State of Israel. In recent weeks, units from the Judea Brigade and the 603rd Combat Engineering Battalion, currently operating in the area, removed over 200 vehicles that attempted to illegally trespass into Israeli territory. The forces also apprehended dozens of individuals attempting to illegally cross into Israel.

This activity is a part of a wide range of actions led by the Judea and Samaria Division as part of Operation “Break the Wave,” during which the IDF operates on a daily basis in order to apprehend suspects and thwart terrorist attacks by utilizing a variety of overt and covert means.

Recently, the IDF Chief of the General Staff, LTG Aviv Kohavi, visited the area of the Judea Brigade. There, the Chief of the General Staff was presented with the efforts made to establish the security barrier. As part of the visit, the Chief of the General Staff was presented with the security challenges and course of action in the area. The commanders of the brigade presented the progress of the construction along the Judea and Samaria security barrier, and reviewed current and future engineering work in the area. The Chief of the General Staff was shown data regarding the decline in the number of illegal infiltrations through the Judea and Samaria security barrier in recent weeks.

In addition, a task force headquarters was established in the "Maccabim" area as part of the ongoing effort to strengthen the Judea and Samaria Security Barrier. The headquarters is composed of two battalions tasked with reinforcing security along the barrier and preventing illegal infiltrations into Israeli territory. The operational task force, currently overseen by the Commanding Officer of the Kfir Brigade, COL Sharon Atlit, will be led by brigade commanders. The task force headquarters conducts extensive overt and covert operational activities that yield significant results in the field.

An additional effort to strengthen the Judea and Samaria security barrier is the construction of a 45-kilometer wall along the current barrier. The new wall begins in the area of the town of Salim in Northern Samaria and ends in the area of the Bat Hefer community. The nine-meter high barrier includes a substantial concrete wall, defensive measures and additional technological means. The barrier will replace the security fence that was built about 20 years ago. The project is led by the Head of the Security Fence and Border Administration, BG Eran Ofir, the Ministry of Defense’s Department of Engineering and Construction, the head of the "Keshet Tz’vaim" Headquarters of the Central Command, BG Ofer Hindi, and additional personnel.

Chief of the General Staff, LTG Aviv Kohavi:
“A few months ago, a wave of terrorism began throughout the country, and we took vigorous action and began Operation 'Break the Wave'. Through the combined work throughout the entire IDF, including intelligence and cyber means, various units and battalions of the Judea and Samaria Division and the Central Command, we have continued our goals of protecting the residents of Israel and thwarting terrorism, which are the top priorities of the IDF. We have also developed our intelligence, defensive and operational abilities and have improved to the point where our capabilities have multiplied tenfold in the last four months alone.”

“The construction at the barrier is a clear example of the development of our capabilities. The project was established with the goal of reducing the number of illegal infiltrations into Israel. By working on the barrier, we thwart terrorist attacks. At the same time, apprehensions are taking place on a daily basis in which wanted suspects and terrorist operatives are apprehended. Every such apprehension prevents terrorist attacks and thwarts terrorism.”

“Our mission is that there will be zero terrorist attacks, and we will continue to operate as needed to stop this wave of terror and complete the mission. I would like to thank you and express my deep appreciation to the soldiers in the area, both in reserve and regular service, for your work. The results so far speak for themselves. The IDF's mission is measured by these actions - I am proud of you all."