MK Nir Orbach (Yamina), who has not yet decided which party he will run with in the upcoming elections, has published a new video clip hinting to his party's chief, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, that there is no room for another government with the Arabs and the extreme Left.

In the video clip, which was published on social media, Orbach says, "Everything has a limit, and I brought down the government when the line was crossed."

"It started when the United Arab List (Ra'am) decided to be absent from votes because of tree-planting in the Negev. It continued and worsened when the Public Security Minister spoke about 'settler violence' with senior officials from around the world, and again when I needed to fight to stop the daycare plan and for the approval of over 4,000 new housing units in Judea and Samaria."

"But there was a moment the line was crossed. It happened when the coalition needed the kindnesses of the anti-Zionist Arab MKs, since we were dependent on them due to having only 60 MKs in the coalition. When I understood that this had reached my party as well, I said, 'It stops here.' There is no more room for changes from within.

"It's true, I was part of a party. It's true, the party made a decision, but there is a line. The coalition broke apart, the government fell, and the experiment failed. It's come time to start fresh. I call on my friends: There is no place for new experiments. Religious Zionism must join the home of the believing right - those who believe in the Land of Israel, who believe in the People of Israel, who believe in the Torah of Israel, without limits."