Former Meretz chairwoman Zehava Gal-On announced her return to politics and her intention to reassume the leadership of the Meretz party Tuesday afternoon.

"I'm back, Meretz is back." Gal-On said in a video announcement.

MK Mossi Raz responded by saying: "I am pleased with the decision of my friend Zehava Gal-On to run for the Meretz leadership. Gal-On is true to her values, honest, witty and experienced, she has doubled Meretz's power in the past and I believe she can strengthen Meretz again. I support her with all my heart," Raz said.

Gal-On intends to run for the party leadership against Deputy Minister MK Yair Golan after responding to many pressures exerted on her to run again within the framework of Meretz, despite her previous unwillingness to return to politics.

In recent weeks, Gal-On has been under heavy pressure to return to the party, both from MKs and from prominent figures on the Israeli left, in light of many polls showing the Meretz party failing to clear the electoral threshold.

Several polls have shown Meretz gaining enough strength to make it into the 25th Knesset if Ga;-On returned to lead the party.

Gal-On resigned from the Knesset ib 2017 and at the beginning of the following year announced her retirement from the Meretz-led race and political life, after she claimed to have seen that the party membership was "interested in a new leadership."

The primaries for the Meretz leadership and Knesset list will take place on August 23.