Scene of the incident
Scene of the incidentIsrael Police spokesperson

A policeman was run over early Sunday morning by a 17-year-old from Ramallah who hit him with a stolen vehicle on Highway 4 near the Raanana junction.

The policeman was found sprawled on the crosswalk with the on the other side of the road. The Palestinian Arab fled the scene and was arrested hours later on suspicion of murder.

The policeman who was run over later died of his wounds. He has been identified as Barak Meshulam from Kfar Saba. He left behind a wife and two children, parents and siblings.

Police suspect that the vehicle used to run over the office, which was stolen earlier from the Gush Dan area, emerged from the south, and hit the policeman who was standing at the checkpoint that was set up as part of the pursuit after the vehicle, killing him.

Highway 4 has been closed to traffic from the Raanana South junction to the Raanana North junction in both directions.

Deputy Superintendent Sharon Manor, commander of the Kfar Saba station, commented on the incident:

"During the night, a report was received from the Tel Aviv district about a stolen vehicle moving towards the Kfar Saba area. Officers from the Kfar Saba station were stationed at the intersection to stop the vehicle. The vehicle hit a police officer and killed him on the spot. This is a tragic incident, and the Israel Police embrace the bereaved family. The case was transferred to the Sharon regional unit." Manor said.

Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai ordered an investigation into the incident, led by the Operations Division and the Training Division, along with a re-examination of the rules of engagement for police.

"The essence of the investigation is to examine the operational assessments in light of the existing threats against officers in the field. The commissioner wants to emphasize that a police officer is allowed to open fire on anyone who endangers the lives of the police officers when trying to break through a police checkpoint. That was the case and that will be the case," the police said.

MK Itamar Ben Gvir commented on the incident: "A terrorist from Ramallah who ran over a policeman and was caught alive deserves the death penalty, not a stay in five-star conditions in an Israeli prison."