Joseph's Tomb
Joseph's TombEhud Amiton/TPS

Palestinian Arab vehicle opens fire towards Israelis who entered Joseph's Tomb, wounding one of them in the head.

A Palestinian Arab vehicle overnight Thursday opened fire towards Israelis who entered Joseph's Tomb in Shechem (Nablus).

A preliminary investigation found that a vehicle with four Israelis had entered Joseph's Tomb without prior coordination with the IDF. A Palestinian Arab vehicle then fired at them, resulting in one of the Israelis being wounded in the head.

The Israelis then drove from Shechem toward the community of Itamar and had an accident along the way. They unloaded from the vehicle on foot and hid nearby until security forces arrived. Medical and military forces are searching the area.

The wounded man is in light condition.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that "four Israeli civilians entered the complex of Joseph’s Tomb without coordination and reported that they were shot. When they left the compound, their vehicle overturned and they left the city of Shechem independently."

The statement added that IDF fighters provided the Israelis with primary medical care, and they will be transferred to the Israel Police for questioning.

Two weeks ago, two worshippers and an IDF Colonel were injured after terrorists opened fire at Jews who entered Joseph's Tomb to pray.