A million shekels in one donation
A million shekels in one donationNahala

Last night (Wednesday), the Nahala movement was stunned to discover a donation of NIS 1 million that from an anonymous donor.

To date, about 5,000 people have contributed to the mass fundraising project, the purpose of which is to establish new communities in Judea and Samaria.

In the meantime, about NIS 3 million has been raised and the group expects to reach NIS 5 million with some-10,000 donors.

The operation to establish the new Jewish communities comes after decades which saw no such construction, while Arab building in Area C has continued expanding and Israel has lost strategic areas of its homeland.

Nahala, in cooperation with the heads of the local authorities in Judea and Samaria, rabbis, and public figures is planning a large ascent to the new villages on July 20.

Over a thousand activists have joined the movement and are constantly involved in generating support for public awareness, hoping to give the government the public support needed to legitimize the budding communities.

“The Jewish People are a healthy nation,” says Nahala chairperson Daniella Weiss, who is a former secretary general of Gush Emunim. “Since we launched this initiative a few weeks ago, we have encountered an unprecedented warm reception. The public understands the importance and value of establishing new settlements and supports this pioneering and Zionistic program that will raise the nation’s spirit as we continue to fulfill the Zionist dream.”

"The Arab takeover of Israeli state lands is evident everywhere, and Nahala has recognized the need at the critical junction facing Israel. The movement is tirelessly working on all fronts to effect a policy change and to establish new communities throughout Judea and Samaria."