When a truck driver in South Korea transporting thousands of beer bottles made an overly sharp turn that resulted in thousands of bottles spilling onto the road, he was in for an unexpected gesture of good-will when dozens of passers-by gathered to help him clean up the mess.

Despite the road being completely covered by bottle fragments and thick beer foam, a nearby store owner came out with a broom in his hands and began scrubbing the pavement and helping the driver collect chards of broken glass. Half an hour later, the driver, accompanied by random strangers helping with the cleanup, managed to clear the road, and traffic returned to normal.

The moving gesture did not go unnoticed, with the driver posting pictures of the event gathered from closed-circuit cameras at the side of the road. The beer company is now trying to locate the cleanup participants in order to thank them. They were able to locate the convenience store owner but haven't been so lucky when it comes to others who pitched in.

"I would like to express my gratitude to the citizens of Chuncheon, who demonstrated their concern for the other in a society that glorifies selfishness," said the Vice President of Marketing at OB Beer.